There has been a lot of books and seminars on marriages and why they don’t last long. Almost everybody has one thing or another to say about it. Well so do I. There are a lot of factors involved in the failure of marriages, with some more prominent than the others. But one major thing that this article is based on is agreement.

Factors responsible for fail marriages

Money: I often hear people say money is one of the reasons why marriages end quickly, and I am going to go in another angle. I will not explain this saying that there is no money in the house. I will explain it based on agreement. It is really important to have an agreement on how many is spent on a marriage. No matter how much each of the couple is earning, there should be a form of agreement on how the house will be run. This should not be only the husband’s responsibility.
If this is done, there will be enough money based on the agreement to run in house. And if for one reason, one spouse could not keep up to the agreement, there should be communication not assumption that your partner knows.
Change: many times we feel like our spouse changed immediately you got married or shortly after. This is not usually the case. Take for instance before you got married your man used to visit you everyday with gifts or sweets words, and when you get married those things stop.

The main issue in marriage

They did not stop because he stopped loving you, they stopped because you live together and there is no need to travel miles to visit you, you will be shocked to find out that the reason he comes with gifts is to see your beautiful smile. Now you are married, he sees you everyday and he sees that smile more than once in a day.
But if you still want the gifts and the sweet words, remind him as sweetly as you can. The truth is, the man might not even have noticed. All he think is that I have finally married the person I love.