Technology has advanced in such a way that some people’s ability to think has been taken away. They are now unable to make decisions without technology. Before now, what most teenagers struggled with was peer pressure and bullying, but it has been upgraded. Now one of the major challenges they are facing is the ability to maintain online presence. Some of these kids do all it takes, no matter the cost to be the reigning one – the one with the highest likes, the one with the most followers, the one with the most content and pictures.

Side effects of science and technology on teenagers

This technology has taken away the ability to think and make sound decisions amongst the youths of nowadays. Although it has brought ease to the world at large, it has also taken away the curiosity and zest to try something new.
Another terrible thing that this addiction to technology brought along amongst youth is the internet bullying. One would think that since people are addicted to their phones now they would be able to do something more useful and productive with it, but that is not so. Instead these youths found better ways to bully and make life difficult for some people.
These bullying are usually done anonymously and in some cases, some people go as far as revealing themselves with the confidence that no one would be able to stop them. And the worse thing about this is that the people that did not have the boldness to bully someone physically now have the mind to do it hiding behind a computer.

Psychological impact of technology on victims

When you come in contact with any of the bullying victims, their fears are usually palpable, and they would rather suffer in silence than to find out a route of escape. Only some deliberately try to come out of it. This bullying has not just caused fear, it has led to depression, low self-esteem and even death.