It is a wonder to me how countries manage to pinpoint their geographical locations and set boundaries for other countries not to trespass without taking the appropriate step. First of all, who determines the borders of each country and how are those borders identified even if they are on water.

Extent at which countries secure their boundaries

It may look like a small matter, but countries take this majorly. Some even go as far as setting traps for people that overstep into their boundaries. In this case, the statement “Ignorance is not an excuse” will be played out because you won’t even be able to defend yourself in the first place. I am familiar with seeing animals, even those as small as lizards marking their territories when it comes to mating, and men being overly protective of their woman especially if another guy comes around. That is understandable for many reasons.
But thinking about a country's territory, it is amazing and at the same time bothersome when you see the length they go through to protect their citizens, their first response is to suspect whoever crosses the boundaries. Well that is if they don’t die first. It is scary what nations are willing to do to protect their boundaries. They even go as far as deploying soldier and planting mines to keep people out.

Stay within boundary

In as much as I love adventures and I’m curious about things like this, I am definitely not curious enough to endanger my life by crossing a country’s border. In your everyday life, if you cross your boundary, you often get into trouble how much more when you cross a whole country's boundary.
If you think you are more curious than I am and would like to take on the mission, kindly contact me if you make it back to give me a full download.