The battery is the driving force of a computer. Without a battery, there can be no computer without a battery. If you want to take advantage of your battery, then you need to buy an adequate battery. In the computer accessories market, you will find several models or brands of battery. So choosing the right one can be difficult. That's why we give you here some guidelines to make a decisive purchase without regret.

The reference number of the battery brand 

The reference number is the first parameter that allows you to choose a battery. You have the severals stores like to buy a quality battery. It is a data sheet that mentions the country of production, the danger indications, an individual or industrial code. The latter varies according to the original manufacturer of the computer. For example, the code AS07A31 is for computers of the brand ASUS. 

The battery voltage

Besides the reference of your battery, another criterion must be taken into account. It is the voltage. The laptop is equipped with a battery whose voltage varies according to the energy needs of the computer. There are 10.8V and 14.4V computer batteries. It is important to note that the voltage of the battery depends strictly on the number of cells it incorporates. For example, for a 14.4 V battery, you will find 8 cells. 

The capacity of the battery

Expressed in milliampere hours (mAh), the battery capacity is the last parameter to consider when choosing a battery. It is the amperage, the amount of current the battery can deliver per hour and per ampere. The amperage informs on the autonomy of the battery, the higher the value in mAh, the greater the autonomy of the battery. Note that the capacity of your laptop battery should also depend on the use you want to make of the computer.