You already know about this musical instrument. You have had several opportunities to observe and listen to it. You have been tempted several times to press it yourself. You are so obsessed with playing the handpan that you finally decided to get one for your home. However, you find yourself stuck on the criteria for choosing one. Here are two main ones of those criteria for buying your very first handpan.

The construction of the hardware

The proper construction of the handpan is a must. In addition to its successful construction, its setup must also be done correctly. For a handpan for sale, this is thus the first step we mention. Because, if the construction and the tuning are not successful, it's already lost in advance. But if this step is well done, the others will not really affect the quality of the instrument. Indeed, the construction of each handpan must be done on the basis of the fifth octave harmonics. Its compounds must be tuned to each note. Also, the stabilization must be sufficient to pose a good resistance to the force of handpan playing. To ensure the high quality of the tool, online videos will be very helpful. Also, read customer reviews. The comments of a handpan fanatic will be well helpful to you.

Finding the right balance for the tool

It's done, you've already been able to buy a better quality handpan. Now make way for the scale of the instrument's tuning. First of all, remember that a handpan is not a chromatic instrument like the piano for example. You must choose a scale with more care. This step is personal and crucial. Indeed, depending on the scale chosen by the user, the latter will be restricted within its limits. The scales of this musical instrument are classified into three main categories: major, minor and exotic scales. It is up to you to make the best choice to offer you a better use of the instrument.